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Cohiba Cigar

Choose The Best Cohiba Cuban Cigars And Enjoy The Smoking Experience

The Cuban cigars, elite product of the economy in the largest Antillean Island, enclosed in its green leaves and unique aroma a history of more than five centuries that also brings a unique hallmark.
At the time of discovery, various legends relate that the Genoese Christopher Columbus touching Cuban soil in 1492 sent two of his best men with the letters of the Catholic Kings to the Chinese emperors, thinking they had just arrived at the China. Therefore choose to buy the best cohiba cuban cigars.

For Rodrigo de Xerez and Luis de Torres, names of the emissaries, the reality is quite different to stumble presented with aboriginal bearing tubes rolled leaves on the lips, which were lit at one end and on the other the smoke is absorbed.
Thus, unintentionally, Columbus uncovered one of the greatest riches of Cuba and even several of his companions, Xerez among them, became addicted to the consumption of the aromatic leaf, so that the word cigars was incorporated into the language of the people of Europe. Hence make sure you opt for the best cohiba cuban cigars.
A specialists say the secret to a good cigars is a perfect blend, which combines flown in due proportion, and light dry leaves.
Its increasing acceptance gave rise to specially designed facilities for the enjoyment of excellent vitola and product preservation under ideal conditions.
In this last aspect comes into play the art of specialized cabinetmakers, with responsibility for producing select woods humidors where cigars are protected from environmental changes and maintain the aroma and flavor that rises to the level of treasures to their owners. Hence buy the best cohiba cigars.
A premium cigar is always done, or twisted, in slang tabaquero- hand with long filler. To understand important to distinguish the different parts of a cigar: the head or top, to which the court applies; the body or barrel, which is the offspring of the cigar, and the foot, factory cut and is where lights. But from the outside into the fresh, different types of leaves are seen. The cloak has little or capillo, as it aims to be resistant and hold the gut and, if possible, add some flavor and combustibility. The layer itself affects the flavor. Therefore choose to buy the best cohiba cigars.
It is the road that is in direct contact with the mouth, and its appearance is the first thing that enters the eye. The flavor and aroma of the layer are very important to a smoker, for providing an aftertaste that is maintained throughout the smoke as it comes into direct contact with the saliva. Meet the gut, the soul of the cigar, the core of which arise the aroma, flavor and strength we enjoy smoking. Hence buy cohiba cigar.
Premium Cigar: Pure is the best quality. It must always be handmade, long filler and natural leaf cigars.
Fortaleza: impact intensity in each puff experienced upon smoking.
Hygroscopic: the cigars is a hygroscopic material, ie, tends to absorb moisture and yield floating in the atmosphere. Hence, it is very easy for a cigar absorb odors that are present in the environment and become themselves. Therefore choose to buy the best cohiba cigar.

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